Artistry in the workplace. The artistic figure of the clown improvises and interacts on the premises of your company.

Playing sparks invention – the participation in clown workshops opens up the personal experience of the clown’s attitude and way of acting.

An idea-igniting combination of personnel development, cultural programme and everyday business with the clown’s way of play.


What for?

From the use of uselessness.


Establishing Clown & Artistry in your business playfully stimulates the attitude towards work, the manner of working – HOW work is done with each other: with which presence, intuition, vigilance, curiosity, determination, and joy.


It opens up unconventional playing fields for employees to experiment without shame or purpose, to expand their action and reaction competence, strengthen their resilience and discover newfound motivation with a plethora of ideas.


Problems are gifts - the clown principles of playing and acting empower your employees to deal with unforeseen challenges in an agile way, they spark exceptional points of view and imaginative answers.

Why that?

The intention of artistry within your company.


Due to external crises and their effects, the structures that have been in place until now are currently being seriously questioned in many companies.


Change processes taking place in many areas are putting a considerable strain on otherwise available social and communication resources.


In my experience, this development is also impacting the work outcome: decisions are difficult, ideas are lacking, change is disliked, opportunities pass by unnoticed, and fun has crept away secretly along with motivation.


This is exactly where Unternehmenskunst Clown steps in: intuition, creativity, joy of development, action and reaction ability are playfully ignited.

How does this work?

Ignite, smile, and be inspired.


Unternehmenskunst Clown is an applied staging concept. It consists of 3 different modules which can be combined in different formats:



The project is initially ignited with an on-site meeting at your company. 1-2 interviewers collect impulses for developing the artistic interventions in impromptu conversation situations. An open-ended investigation.



A clown duo interacts and improvises in the offices or recreational spaces of your business. A friendly, low-threshold invitation to take a look, to pause – in other words: to a first smile, a first irritation, a first reflection.


Lovingly and mercilessly, the clown holds up an inspirational mirror to all participants through their play.

This makes you want to know more…



After a few interventions, your employees are invited to change their perspective from audience to actors: workshop participation enables the experience-oriented anchoring of the clown’s attitude.


The workshop focuses on responsiveness, confidence, team spirit, joy of playing, action, and design competence as a resilient behavioral foundation independent of any objective.


The inspiring transfer onto each participant’s own “professional stage” happens beyond controlled measurability.

What are the costs?

The earlier, the less.


Lack of motivation, declining employee engagement, rising termination rates - you know better than anyone what the costs are.


Where are the ideas for successful transformation, sustainable innovation, and long-term competitive advantage?

They are glimmering in the minds of each and every employee. Unternehmenskunst Clown ignites these ideas.


You can choose between the formats S, M, L or XL. Or put together your very own fireworks display. The external costs are between € 6.000,00 - € 24.000,00 depending on the format, plus 5% artist social security contribution.


Even with the S format, you can easily reach up to approx. 40 people!

And at the same time offer a distinctive and effective opportunity for personal development.

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Who came up with it?

Clown and consultant.


Heike Stock. I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. My first professional training as a classic confectionery saleswoman has all but vanished from the job market. Fortunately, you can still find exquisite cakes, exceptional pastries and excellent chocolatery here and there. 


Starting with Florentine cake and coffee, still served in little pots, there came further important stations in my professional life, including hotel manager, serving daughter, project manager, systemic coach, consultant specialized in banking industry controlling, certified clown and trainer in the vocational training program as a stage clown. 


There is one thing that I could see at every stage: joy works, and has many different effects. Wherever it exists, people tend to feel comfortable, make contact differently, work together in a different way, have different ideas. 


The concept of Business Artistry bundles all of my competencies, knowledge, inclinations, eccentricities, preferences, ignorance, skills and magical powers in an ideal and particularly effective manner. It brings together my many years of experience in numerous private-sector businesses with well-founded field experience in the culture industry, particularly as a clown.

What now?
Get in touch.

In case your mailbox is still unfamiliar with clownish mails – please check your spam folder ;).

In case your mailbox is still unfamiliar with clownish mails – please check your spam folder ;).

Wer macht denn so was?

Wer macht so was?